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green on the first day

Her labyrinth, I traveled far
yet each dead end was expected
I have to build my own path out.
She was the forest's riding hood
Toned equally with the moss.
Days are intimidated, while nights come out of phone booths
wishing for a late confrontation.
Yesterday my heart deceived me
my feet despised me
they will turn her way one of these days.

20 Feb 07

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Apart from punctuation I see no help I can give this poem. Your imagery and metaphor are original and interesting and I like the undertone I get from this.
L2 full stop at end.
L4 semi-colon at end.
L5 does not need a capital to start.
L8 comma at end
L9 semi-colon at end.
 — marieF

yeah, the only punctuation marks i focused on were separating ideas from one another.
 — dustybottoms