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wicker chick

wicker chick
with shaven head
fire in her eyes
burned through her soul
ate her inside out
till she had to brand
her head
her hand
sacrifice her body
to the soul-sucking world

19 Feb 07

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doesn't really go anywhere or say anything. Except you need to LIGHTEN UP baby!
 — unknown

poor brit...
 — unknown

what exactly is wicker, I thought it was a type of furnature/basket material, what has it got to do with Britney? Didn't get that till I saw the comment, but maybe the comment is wrong.
 — unknown

This is a true masterpiece and I wouldn't suggest that you change a darn thing. Beautiful as it is. I hope you don't mind if I share this with my friends? I'm sure they'll love it as much as I do. 4/10
 — Henry

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