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So, if I was a superhero

So, if I was a superhero I would call
myself, Magnet Man!!  I mean I wouldn’t
have any real super powers I would just
metaphorically compare what’s going on
with a magnet. For example, I would have
a positive charge, here is the catch, everyone
has a positive charge, and everyone knows
that two of the same charges repel. So, I can’t
really get close to anyone, but.. This is where
it gets fun because its almost like it is literal,
everything negative about them connects to
me. So you probably wouldn’t see me in a
comic book, I don’t think they write about
superheroes like me. Now as I get older I
realize that I can change my charge to
negative, its just really hard. I do this
sometimes but lately I have been stuck on
positive. I just wish these currents weren’t
so strong. Maybe it would be easier if I didn’t
have that much of a magnetic field anyway.
So when I lose my power would I ever
be connected to anyone again?

19 Feb 07

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what is a Meta for?

 — Mongrol

Ha, You're messing with me. I wouldn't flirt to much because you cannot get close to me, unless everything good about you has a negative charge?

 — Him

yes and no
 — Mongrol

Yes as in you are messing with me and no as in you are not flirting with me?
 — Him

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