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Daydreaming While Reading

Anybody who has ever read
anything has done it, your mind
meanders off while your eyes continue
to scroll across and down the page.
You’re grounded on floor level at first,
following the main character down a white hall
and your thoughts begin to loosen and float up,
your mind, a plastic bag in a light breeze because
you really need to remember
to change over the laundry
from washer to dryer
before you go to bed
tonight so you have
fresh clothes for work tomorrow
which is Friday and you’re going
out to dinner with
wait. Who just said that?
Chief never talks. I’ve missed three pages?
I actually turned the page
while I was daydreaming. OK. Backup.
It’s something everybody does, starting when
you’re young, it’s why kids skip letters
while reciting the alphabet, and why you can’t
remember how Hansel and Gretel escaped.
Odysseus made it home eventually, you know that much,
but your thoughts seemed to travel farther
than he did, even with your eyes zigzagging across
the page and your finger slowly lifting its corner.
There is an inner eye that must open
when you read, so words can
breathe in like fresh air
and keep your mind from growing stale,
which may be why you’re not sure what I mean
when I say it’s like having a Q and R missing
from your alphabet, but you don’t mind,
it may not be too important, besides,
there is only one stanza left
until this poem is done,
and I think the washing machine
just buzzed.

19 Feb 07

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how very true :)
 — Mongrol

im doing laundry right now!
 — unknown

Decided to read some of your poems since you commented on mine, and i like them. This one has a different feel than the others, but I enjoyed none-the-less.
 — unknown

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