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My uncle swears blind: 2.

My Uncle swears blind:
     When he was a chiseller he saw a man do it with his teeth.
     'Did what?'says I
     'Castrated a bull' says he.
     'Bollocks!' says I.
    'No - bullock.' says he.
My Grannie swore blind:
(God rest her soul)
     That the black dog that lead her home was sent by God to see her safe.
     I said nothing as she taught me how to light her B&H (Special Filter)
     And make mouse trotting tea.
My Grandfather swore blind:
(I hope they are together now)
     That when they - the Irish - moved in the street
     A petition was taken to move them on
     And when a Pakistani Doctor moved in 20 years later
     The same petitioners at his front door
     He gave chase and cursed 'My broom - your arse!'
My Mother's Cousin swears blind:
     When child laden abed in an English Winter ('56)
     A West Indian man crept through the window
     Without a word
     And put coal on the fire where there was none.
A bull of a black man on God's mission
Still couldn't trust the front door.
He has our thoughts - if not words.

chiseller - child
bullock - a castrated young bull
mouse trotting - if a mouse could walk across the tea it was strong enough

19 Feb 07

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