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last night we were necrophiliacs

what happened?
the hot's blistering your lips, white and full of pus waiting to
burst like the sun raining down on the three of us; i'd
cannibalize you any day, babe, if it weren't for the fact that you're
seriously diseased, speaking in tongues, ripping at the raft with those
bloody offed nails of yours;
they came off like little badminton birdies,
some flung up like a great serve,
a few others as jagged sprinkles
decorating the shark's fleshy neck like something fierce.
he went down like a bullet shot into water; quickly at first,
but succumbing to sinking slothly.
this was going to be a fun cruise,
but look, i can see the cops from here.
though i may simply be delirious from sea water;
or just dehydration.

19 Feb 07

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with a title like this, I'm surprised this hasn't been cannibalized yet.
I'm pretty certain that "slothly" is incorrect.
I think it should be "slothfully" L12.
This poem confused me.  I'm not sure who you are talking about, or to whom.  
The "babe" is who I was thinking of, but then you change to "he", then "look"...
I like being delirious from sea water and all that tho.
 — jenakajoffer

i really like this. nice ideas and voice.
 — listen

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