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Phone sex with a philosopher

HI sexy how are you? My name
is xAnAx. I am 22, single, and lonely.
I am so bored tonite. How about
you? People like me
coz I am slender, 35-32-33 and
not shy. Tell me honey tell me
about you.?
i i  I  I
A dangerous symbol, a coda
suggesting a consistent and
unified sense of self.
A visual nucleus legislating organic
natures. Written as if there might be
equivalence and therefore no
qualitative differences. Ultimately
a figure of speech, an abbreviation
of life, a cheap summation and therefore
a lie.  Lacking plurality. Sometimes reflecting
body or mind or both. a=b=c=I.
sometimes shrinking to a wart,
penis, a secret, cancer or lie.
An instant resume of an inheritance of
traits of which you have no control
over but are held accountable.
Devalued currency. Easily
divided and misrepresented.
What you wish you can be and
what you can never attain.
A stubborn melody. Zip file.
A side effect of monotheism/democracy.
Mirage or ghost. A therapeutic misnomer.
Myth and polymer.
A fading tattoo.

18 Feb 07

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i love this.
the end.
no questions asked.
especially L32 for some strange reason.
it ties the whole thing together.
 — unknown

Unusual and original
 — PollyReg

 — unknown

nice job. i like the structure of it and i thought it was quite interesting and orginial.
 — lanezfairy

i dig swell job
 — unknown

beautifully worked - though i do think the philosopher would have waffled on a lot longer and slightly more interestingly  :) - though perhaps it would depend on his school of philosophy

great piece though - deserves a 9 - no doubts :)
 — Mongrol