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Ode (in ancient meter)

Hardly had I thought I should learn to perish;
Ever young, enwrapped in my robe I wandered,
Raising dreamy eyes to the star styled often
Solitude's symbol.
All at once, however, you crossed my pathway -
Suffering - you, painfully sweet, yet torture...
To the lees I drank the delight of dying -
Pitiless torment.
Sadly racked, I'm burning alive like Nessus,
Or like Hercules by his garment poisoned;
Nor can I extinguish my flames with every
Billow of oceans.
By my own illusion consumed I'm wailing
On my own grim pyre in flames I'm melting...
Can I hope to rise again like the Phoenix
Bird from the ashes?
May all tempting eyes vanish from my pathway
Come back to my breast, you indifferent sorrow!
So that I may quietly die, restore me
To my own being!

17 Feb 07

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This doesn't come across as 'ancient' or as an 'ode'.  It reads more like the Author was trying incredibly hard to 'think' ancient, and hasn't had much success.  Read some 'ancient' odes and then come back to this.  The poem is a bit tangled as is - lines like 'pitiless torment' come across as immature and far too modern.
 — unknown

I think the poem would have been fine had you not tried to make it "ancient".

The ancient allusions suite the piece well, and I suggest you let it take a life of it's own rather than try to capture a certain kind of poem.

I sugest that you you don't blantly state "like Nessus" and "like Hercules". I think a metaphor would work better.

You have a great poem here, it just needs some touching up.

Hope that helps. : )
 — wanderlusted