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Fantasy of a midlife crisis

braids of nylon, soft brush of breath,
and a fistful of hair
she is my captive, though it is I who does her bidding
nibbling my way to Nirvana
where all is lost
and sublime
I pander to her instead of watching the infomercials
telling me how to grow lost hair, have 4 hour erections
and ignore all the side effects
of missed opportunities
and poor financial planning
intimate patterns on skin….drawn with bad intent
in a good way
wet, hard, slow, soft…
breath in
and savor the moment that hangs in the air
like a home-cooked meal
tie me up, tie me down
on the road to Shambala
reassure me that you have all the movie channels
in case things don’t work out
and we’re only left
with ourselves

17 Feb 07

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I enjoyed this.  L1's punctuation seems a bit out of place, but other than that, it had excellent rhythm.
 — wanderlusted

Really great stuff. could do with a little tidying up but it takes you right there.

Larry old life crises Lark
 — larrylark

tidied up a bit....  thanks for the comments