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déjà vu

I linger.
in an unnatural passion.
i feed in this fervency,
of standing in front of the mirror:
staring myself down.
hynoticly gazing at
that young girl with the
scraggly hair, frizzy
and a dirty face.
too bloated for clothes and
shy in non-seductive ways.
and yet still the Adrianna Lima-esque
foriegn, dark hair
brown-eyed damsel appears
every now and then.
before she can blink,
before she can flaunt she disappears again
that unkempt and unmolded child,
despite the illnesses,
the makeup, the stylists, the designers,
the supermodel status, what those
stupid, sickly rich boys whisper to me
over the sour, fuschia martinis;
the years of soveriegn societal glamor,
and yet that disheveled little girl
   reemerges (constantly)

16 Feb 07

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the offset lines distract from the words. lose that silly trick.
 — unknown

thanks for your comment. tell me if it's any better.
 — lanezfairy