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The Wedding of White Lights

Grace walks
over the sandalwood.
Glory rides his chariot on
the twisted spines of paths.
There is a guide among the dirt,
and it lives inside its particles to lead
the wheels that trample.
There are two sides:
the merging of egocentricity
and beauty. There is
the diverging of loneliness, and
the creating of Wonder.
The chariot has resigned to be a carriage.
Grace, with
her white dress, and
Glory, with his handsome
the pride that leads
his lions,
ride this carriage.
with her hand like oats,
feeds the horses among her stable
The hour is running
late, in its race to catch both loves.
Come attend the wedding:
the Glories, sparkling in the risen sun, to watch
the creation of one—
Glory of Grace, Grace of Glory.
Together, for eternity.

16 Feb 07

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PC is missing some good poems on your profile. the reason you havent got a comment is because its just perfect.
Keep writing and ill keep reading.
 — trochee

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