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Carpenter's Hands

His hands are like
the canvas to his carpentry life,
creases and wrinkles branch
over a calloused background,
dirt and saw-dust blur and blend
like an impressionism of his days work.
At lunch, he sits on his cooler and
paints peanut butter on bread
with a splintered shim,
the shelter of his work
framed around him,
his hammer resting by the lumber
like a paintbrush by its easel.
He has sheathed the walls
that Edward Hopper slanted light to,
leveled the window that showed
Van Gogh a Starry Night.
He could hang the joists beneath
Van Eycke’s wedding floor,
or discuss with Michelangelo
the pitch of his ceiling,
so when I ask him
if he ever planned on
painting one day,
he looks at me
with an enigmatic gaze
and says, “Nah, I think I’ll sub.”

16 Feb 07

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on choosing your theme and sticking with it to the end.
i know lots of framers/gencons...
i little suggesteeeonay fer ya-  
L10,11 the half-framed shelter of his work around him?
might add a little more oomph, i think?
well done
 — chuckles

good suggestion chuckles, thanks
 — joshcoops

I like this but you do need to spell Van Gogh's name properly!

I think I'll sub?  As in substitute teaching?  What am I missing here?  I like all the rest of this.
 — Isabelle5

sub refers to sub-contracting....often contractors 'sub' out work i.e. they sub the plumming out, or they sub the electric.....or they sub the painting.
 — joshcoops

Oh, thanks, I get it.  Up a notch, Poet.
 — Isabelle5

I like lines 7 and 6.

I think you are australiahn. Like me. Its the dialect, the language, the "Nah" and the "sub".

Carpentrys cool. A biblical proffesion - Are you writing of your son?

Line 14 - A personal opinion, but I hate the word "sheath" - it has a sexual connotation, reminds me of condoms

Its a great poem - You are saying that the object is good at his trade, an artist -

Good stuff.

 — unknown

this is a good one, but the ending is glib
 — unknown

I love the allusions here and how you allude to skills being specific and not able to transfer to different forms of craft or art.

Larry whittling words Lark
 — larrylark