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In Hiding

What I am trying to hide
is the fact
that I am a whore.
And, even when I am satisfied,
I still come to you for more.
What I am trying to hide
is the fact
that I am a drunk.
And not a pleasant one
at that.
I like my wine, my vodka, my gin,
when I die,
my friends
and my next of kin.
I take my pills
and medication.
Practise yoga and meditation.
But still I call you
for a chat.
Believe me,
I ain’t proud of that.
I picture us
in the nude.
Drinking forbidden wines,
and eating home-cooked food.
Sleeping in your spacious bed.
I’d like to be married.
Oh, how I wish we were wed.

16 Feb 07

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Whoa, trying so hard to rhyme!  Why are you 'outing' the name Seahorse?

This is very personal, maybe way too much so for the greedy hands of this place.
 — Isabelle5

Oh, you have two names here?  
 — Isabelle5