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Another Timely Descent

It never occurred to me
if Pluto should be considered  
a planet. In truth
I barely remember
to which sun your home belongs.
I don’t care
to decide if a mouse will outwait the owl,
if a child will notice
the approach of an impending car.
It’s all too much
detail sometimes, such drama,
even for me; after all
I have galaxies to spin—
they progress
faster than you know;
some collide even now.
But you remain so earnest—
still believing yourself
to be the favored one,
so sure a father can be
everywhere, in all things:
in a fanciful moment,
only you will believe
the invention of time;
only you will follow
the meteor’s arc, watch it
burn away until, a molten pebble,
it crashes into your brimming cup.

16 Feb 07

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nice work.

10/11 aren't flowing well at all.
 — varun