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Oh poor friend
The evil deity of some lost pagan pantheon
Has cast his eye upon you, his…
Maybe “her”, that evilness, that spiteful vindictiveness that
Rivals in ferocity even the worst warmonger.
Woman, that evil pagan vampire,
Oh she lied because she felt bad.
“It was solely involuntary, I swear.”
She swore she didn’t and you did,
Though who was it in her eyes,
You my poor friend, you.
Perhaps you should have been drunk too,
Then it could have been mutually accepted,
But no, your well intended soberness fucked you,
Oh my dear friend she fucked you twice.
Open your eyes and awaken from your daze,
To behold that wicked demigod, that Medusa.
She has and will destroy you at her whim.
She ruins you,
She ruins you and walks away.

16 Feb 07

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This isn't very good, at all
 — Ellemnur

I'll have to think about this.  I can't get past the feeling of the poem wishing to be deep or obscure but perhaps it's a bit too much of both.
 — Isabelle5