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In the crowd, someone I’d like to meet
I came with someone else
Am I in love?
Il tempo inganna i sentimenti,
i sentimenti ingannano il tempo,
La vita è una danza tra gli inganni
L’arte il saper quali aggirare
e quali affrontare
Se cadi, ti rialzi
Un gentil signore leccherà le ferite,
un’amica raccoglierà i cocci
Of this broken girl.
In the crowd, someone I’d like to meet
I came with someone else
Am I in love?
Time decieves feelings
Feelings decieve time,
Life is a weaving dance through deciets
And the art, knowing which to circumnavigate
and which to face
If you fall, you'll soon be back on your feet
A fair sir will lick the wounds
A friend will pick op the pieces
Of this broken girl.

"Leccare le ferite", "lick the wounds" is an italian expression, so as "Raccogliere i cocci". I believe their meanings in this text are quite clear. I much prefer the first transcript, translation doesn't work too well. SUggestions are most welcome.

16 Feb 07

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The first one does look more elegant, but it'd be difficult to be enjoyed by many due to the Italian language from lines 5-12. But, for the rest of us who don't know the language too well, the translation is important. We can enjoy an opera sometimes without understanding nearly anything that is said, but not being able to understand at all what is said in a poem, may not be the same for us. So, if you were ever to show the first transcript, always have the translation there as well. This is a nice little piece though. It reminds me of a scene from Evita (the movie version). Maybe it shouldn't, but it does.
 — MrChris

Thanks MRChris, i polished up the translation a little.. still, some things are just not the same.
 — photobooth

wow, It's beautiful. I love poems/songs which are bilangual. I 'don't know any Italian, but the poem flows nicely from english to italian in lines 4-5, because of the romantic feelings. line 13 comes a bit as cold shower for me, because I didn't have any idea what's being said in the poem. The Italian is beautiful, and then suddenly comes this harsh English line, without a context...
But then after reading the translation, I'm all marvelled again, because now i see it's actually all beautiful still.
 — geocheryl

thanks cheryl... :) i wrote this for a friend, and i'm quite happy with the result
 — photobooth