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Outgrowning childhood, growing into Woman-hood. Tis a beautiful thing...

Mothers don’t like me
Fathers want me
Girls hate me
Guys love me.
I’m a bad influence
This makes perfect sense,
I’m the original She-Devil
Purely evil.
That’s what they think
see, I am that missing link.
I make them run
all I want is to have a little fun.
This isn’t the way it used to be
Come and you’ll see,
What they say I am.
I am a lover
and a fighter,
A sucker
And a biter,
Love to be hurt
And to make a man work,
Can’t help what I am
I’m a bad girl so punish me,
Spank me,
Tie me up.
I love to be a little dirty
More than just flirty,
Being bad is good,
It makes boys hard as wood.
Bad girls have all the fun
All we do can’t be undone
The boys love it too much
Something about our sultry touch
I was their perfectly modest angel,
but I’m not now as you can tell
Every male that walks by falls under my spell
I enjoy placing them in my cell.
The prudent ask if I feel shame
I answer them simply and say,
'No, I am wild and will not be tame,
My erotic fantasies I freely obey.'
I am a good girl gone bad
isn't that sad?
Sadly, I like what I have become.
Love the ability to make men cum.
Is that wrong?
No, I've waited too long,
Finally I am what I wish to be
Freely me.

15 Feb 07

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This gave me a chuckle!

I'm going to assume you are somewhere in the order of fifteen, or that the Author is extremely clever, being able to walk a poem in those shoes.  It's so young, it's cute.  No rating, but I hope you continue to write :)
 — unknown

 — photobooth

Over all, your poems, I love the style.  They flow extremley well.
 — meghanmidget

Actually I'm older than that, but thank you for the comment.  
Thank you very much.
 — Unbelievable