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written 2/8/07

Sometimes when the day seems long
I wish i could just run around
in fields or just lye down
against the cold grass where
there is no pain just your
back against the earth
as the cold, bitter wind swirls
above you and it's in
these moments that you
feel you can find peace
and actually feel good
to be alive but as
time passes you always
have to stand up and return
to the stagnant life
Sometimes i just wish i could
be 7 again and lay in
that field forever let the
sun rise and fall above you but
you're happy because there's no pain.

15 Feb 07

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one of my favourite subjects - open sky and open fields :) - and childhood freedom to know the world is endless

and here is death too - life's little reminder to enjoy those open skies and fields - i like this very very very much

 — Mongrol

you have made me feel both joy in your words and sadness for your loss
very nicely done

 — Mongrol

This is a poem that brought much of my childhood flooding back through my mind.

Larry hemmed in Lark
 — larrylark