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Ist lesson of the oracle

Necessity grabs you in a dream
And squeezes you into an avocado salad
Only the pure is real
                but we must exist
With the dross of this world
The full moon drags you out, howling
From your dull and maniac routine
cup well river rain
                the moisture in you eye
what have these in common?
Then you loins boil under some invisible flame
A vessel you are emptiness containing all things
Cold spider-web time
                Delicate as rain drops glinting
To betray the pane
When will you discover the power
To not know?
A paper cup floats
                on the lake, turns into a crane
and flies away

15 Feb 07

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nifty words
the only thing i didn't much care fer was

L7 dull and maniac

other than that
pretty cool
 — chuckles