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With silken locks and eyes of jade
My love… my only… my little maid
Frail body adorned in the glow of love
The envy of the angels above
The envy of Aphrodite
Created from sugar by God Almighty
She’s lovely, radiant, and immersed in love’s glow
A goddess from long ago
“My perfect dream” as I once said
I was talking about MEB

14 Feb 07

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I love it.  Thank you, Andy.
 — unknown


/die laughing

Andy, you're priceless. And this isn't badly written, either.

Repetition of "glow of love" then "love's glow" is kind of weak, surely your "little maid" is inspirational enough for more than that.

I still love it, perhaps because of personal bias. (10)

 — teo_omega11

I love Mary E. Babb too.
 — unknown

Who doesn't love Mary E. Babb?!
 — unknown

who wrote this? i'm intrigued.

havn't seen Mary on here for ages. that makes me sad.
 — unknown

Mary, the prettiest pc user, has been gone for months.
 — unknown

Mary is beautiful.
 — unknown