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I wish I had
a Poem
to give you,
but all I have
are words.

13 Feb 07

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 — jenakajoffer

how about:

feel you like a poem
i always wanted to write
but could never find
the right words.
 — varun

kinda short (coming from someone who only ever writes short poems this is hypocritical, but i'm a fully fledged hypocrit so....)

its kinda nice...add another 5 lines...and it could be really nice
 — john_daker

how bout...
i wish i had
a poem
to give you,
but all i got
is this washing machine
 — john_daker

I'm with varun.

 — teo_omega11

Be my valentine, Mary Babb.
 — unknown

varun's idea is really awesome,
but I still like the simplicity how you had it.
The chinese food spills corn everywhere and has spoiled my mood.
 — jenakajoffer

I think varun's variation is just a bit too smart arse. Your poem is clever but in an innocent, loveable way.  Good stuff MP.  
 — unknown

Thank you for returning the noodles to Ping.
 — jenakajoffer

 — starr

write and right?!!  come on varun, why not comment on the poem rather than stroking your ego

nice poem marshponds
 — unknown

 — WildSymphony

This is a theme that has been done and done and done and done - in other words cliche cliche cliche ---- do you read poetry at all?
 — unknown

I need no name for u to recognize your emotions r easily expressable in those few words u need no poem to be expressed.
 — unknown

short but sweet.
 — sparrow

I would recommend de-capitalising "Poem" though, but it's up to you of course;-)
 — sparrow