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Bask in your glory

So stand for yourself
and take pride
in your ability to hide
every thought
that creeps into your mind
Pat your own back
and let the cards stack
oh god your so perfect
to you.
Look down on the city
so big
and so shitty
It's not ready for you
your just too damn pretty
Let out all your lies
that you've memorized
oh god your so brilliant
to you
Smile in the mirror
For every waterless tear
that you've let yourself lose
In the midst of no fear
Just hold yourself tight
in the middle of the night
oh god your so lovely
to you.
And is it a lie?
or do you really not see
that everything you want
is not who you need to be?
So enjoy the pedestal
you've claimed in your name
oh god your so mighty
to you.

12 Feb 07

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