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He is an evil man,
His quest is to rule the world.
He rose from nowhere,
And tampered with votes
To get into office.
He had his friends destroy the twin towers.
Then he took away citizen rights,
Claiming for our safety.
He invaded another country,
To get our people killed.
He tampered with votes again
To stay in office.
He has more to do
More freedom to take away.
He has a world to destroy,
And that is part of his
No child left behind act.

12 Feb 07

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you said it like it is ... he's a mad dog!
 — unknown

Melissa is dumb.
 — unknown

This is not a poem, Melissa.
 — unknown

How would dropping nuclear weapons on a nuclear free Iran be anything less than the worst war crime ever?  Deliberately manufacturing enemies brings out reactionary thinking and is a long term strategy of the advantaged controlling elite.
Is there really enough democaracy or clarity to stop and escalation that threatens not just one marginalised group, but life on this planet. You put you finger right on it, here.  This makes me think of Bukowkis poem:


the important
the obvious
 — unknown

This is a poetry site, not a political debating site. Take your politics somewhere else.
 — unknown

There is a long political tradition in poetry, (right back to the oral tradition... and how is curtailing freedom of speecj not also political?
 — unknown

This is a poetry site, not a political debating site. Take your politics somewhere else.
— unknown

Awww, look.  Somebody doesn't want to have to think.  Poor you, burdened as you are with all this social and political commentary.  Someone write the sad sucker some verse on trains or something.

As to the poem, I would have liked to have seen more (poetically, that is) but the content is important and it's a good start.  Who would have guessed that GW was the antichrist.
 — unknown

hey poems are what ever the hell you make then to be for you!! We all write mostly of love but the topic for poetry is whats in your heart, don't question someones poetry. Although I don't know if all she said is true I respect it. HE is what he wants to be let someone else judge not you or me.
 — vida

It perhaps states things a little too overtly and is a bit prosaic - but I'm with you on the sentiment.
 — opal

it sound like the president
than it sounds like sudam
but it really good
good job to you
 — cheerchick

Really well written, as in the flow, not so much the punctuation but that doesn't bother me. Good solid ending with a build up from ine 13. Like the connotations of putting He with a capital letter, although I guess this was done because the poem was formatted this way.
 — callingcard

honesty is always a good policy to govern.
 — listen

I don't like the writer.
 — unknown

Melissa is some good old pussy.
 — unknown

Melissa is a cunt.
 — unknown