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Confusion is agonizing....

I can’t decide
Should I show how I feel or just hide?
I want you, but I don’t
I need you, but there are times I won’t.
Can you wait?
Can we wipe the slate?
Should we?
Will we?
I know I’m full of questions
Because I don’t want this to be deception,
I want us to be together;
For us to never part.
I don’t want to close our chapter in my life
I want to see where we go, will we end?
Or will I be your wife?
I’m not trying to scare you
I just want to see were we lead,
I’m not trying to plead,
There’s just this part of me
That wants to be,
Don’t you see? I’m confused!
My heart feels like it has been abused
Just please tell me where I stand,
Should I stay here or take your hand?
We’ve played this game for way too long
We should know by now if our love is strong,
But I’m still not sure,
Can you please give me the cure?
Just tell me what I mean to you
Do you love me?
Do you need me?
Tell me what I mean to you.

12 Feb 07

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I have seen, "Us" as a title all too often. I have a better title for this one: "Please don't read this." 5/10 This is about as cliche as can be. Write on an original topic...and make the thoughts you have here more interesting that "but I'm still not sure, can you please give me the cure?" "Don't you see? I'm confused!" These are boring thoughts. Give us a metaphor at least! Please!
 — Henry

I'll work on it.  I did write this about 3 years ago so i'm not at all suprised at what you said.
 — Unbelievable

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