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Nocturnal Paranoia

one flick of this trigger
sends a millisecond click
echoing through my skull
every subatomic particle
begging for this life
as a slow moving droplet
glides down my face
whether a sorrowful tear
bidding farewell to this world
or maybe bitter sweat
of surfaced fears
from staring unabashedly
down this hollow barrel
where haplessly indoctrinated fools
see a bullet that i refuse to bite
a fictitious incentive
leaving them only gunpowder
and no teeth to devour
life, like a rug
ripped out from beneath
sanity led me to reality
a world where south is north
my compass is gone
and i become increasingly mad
with each passing day
give me rhythm to dance my way
safely into the arms of another
past these ghastly faces
hiding in the shadows
who've come to take me away
i weep to leave, and i bleed to stay.

12 Feb 07

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I  really like the momentum that this poem gathers, as well as the power of the voice - maybe look a little at punctuating, but i can see why you haven't - very well worth reading.
 — opal