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Painting the Truth

Let me paint the truth
filling the canvas of honesty
with each word
layering one upon the other
with an uncompromising faith.
Let me portray the landscape
with an abstract uncertainty
holding true to it's form and function.
Let me describe in exquisite detail
everything i see there
never wavering in my purpose
to accurately color
the blank and empty space.
Let me with every line
brush stroke with my palette
blending and mixing.
Let me sketch freely and roughly
drawing out what lies underneath
and above what is really there.
Let me with a realism carve out
some meaning from what it
is that i survey.
Let me do it deliberately
without distraction,
let me find the art
the beauty and the brilliance
and let it radiate outward
from within.

12 Feb 07

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The music in this is very nice.  Lovely and inspiring!
 — bellavida