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Making Amends

In the shallow waters
i am drowning
caught in a perpetual whirlpool,
spiralling downward.
I am falling beneath the waters of
burden that weigh heavy,
my future is
being tugged and pulled to
reconcile  past actions.
The Light leads me to
make amends,
to right the hurt.
Any chance of happiness
relying on this
one simple reckoning.
We cannot deny
for in hiding
we only deceive ourselves, but
worse we delay the inevitable,
further hurting those
we love and cherish the most.
No good deed goes
without being recognized
but it should be done
without a desire for reward.
It will take courage,
it will be painful
and indeed it will try, but
once you accept your responsibility,
with honesty,
are willing to admit your blame
without making excuses,
without blaming circumstances
or other persons involved.
If you're willing to
accept and own
all you have ever done.
Then and only then
can you become whole, for
without this realization
you can never find God,
and the waters will
overcome you
forever imprisoning you
in  shallow waters
that will swallow you up.

12 Feb 07

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