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Disclaimer: this was written by a friend

From the author "I just wrote this out on a whim, it's got no real basis besides being somewhat of a joke. I was just playing with twists of rational and different rhyming devices. I like the way it pulls all the ideas together with twists of language."

Black rhymes with shack. And assuming that shacks are brown, and inhabited by clowns, then all you have to do is go into town and be entertained by asians of a mahogany persuasion. You'll see that shitty little cities of fiddy itty bitty little people don't breed churches with pretty steeples. And if you see that bReed rhymes with bLeed, then we'd have freed the seed she'd need to succede, and heeding the deed would speed great misfortune indeed. So you wrong the rights and make right the song until everyone sings along and the only thing that's still strong is the fear of mere cheers to steer near and spear the inner sphere of every tear you shed all year. And if fear is bad and if asians are mad, if clowns make you glad and brown had been a cantor most terribly sad, then because a clown lives in this shack that I've had, it just makes sense that all black people are bad.

11 Feb 07

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Well, I sure hope your friend isn't racist ...  

To me, the poem decribes the stupid reasoning, the preconceived, ideas behind racists' views.
There are nonsensical lines (where are the line numbers?) but that is racism isn't it?

Here's an old verse of mine about the subject:

Who me racist?

Did you hear the one about the White guy, the Asian, the Indian, and the Negro?
Such wit with its substance is not merely placebo.
‘Cause I’ve heard what’s as shocking as a genocide dirge
The latter likened to meconium purge.
 — bellavida

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