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Can you supersize my life, my country, and my world, please?

The dark, well-lit room in the back
Everyone sees but no one recognizes.
A greasy slimy something-patty
Hisses on the stone-age grill
Is there anything worse than grade-D meat?
Excuse my jest, I’m just sugar-high
But I won’t go crazy – I’m no cow.
Strips of processed potato take a dip
In a pool of fat and grease and grim
“Mr. Potato head, you’re my friend right?
Say no and you’ll end up like you wife.”
Waterfalls of Coke, 2 cents to make
But $2 to drink. Capitol Crime? I think not.
What has the world come to,
Revolving around the Big-Mac.
No more rainbows, but the golden arches
Stretch from Chicago to Beijing.
Planet Starbucks dominates our lives
Caffeine replaces the O in our veins
Forced to live our lives like clockwork
On the dime with no exceptions
Though there’s always time
For an über-slurpee from 7-11.
There’s more to life than Pepsi and
Family Guy - The couch is not a planet.
Allow me to demonstrate, while juggling
Apples and oranges in front of your
Dull, lazy eyes. Mesmerizing.
An intergalactic battle emerges!
Planet Wendy’s versus the
Galaxy of Athletes. Dazed and
Confizzled, we have lost many a battle,
But maybe we can win the war.
Supersize me Captain Crunch;
Can Ronald come out and play?
A can of Lays, sprawled across the floor.
“Why can’t you eat just one?” his mother screams;
and he answers in the parlance of his 9th grade peers:
“I dunno”

11 Feb 07

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