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how they saved darfur

it's 8 pm.
the multi-million dollar
campus is deserted.
the students have retired
to their individual caves,
to their computers and video games.  
a few have ventured to the
multi-floor student union
complete with food court
to hear a panel of the university's
professors discuss darfur
for extra credit in that
8 am pre-requisite class they
neglect to attend on
a weekly basis.  
"it's a rather complicated
issue.  but, yes, that's correct:
2.5 million have been displaced.
many are without sufficient
food or shelter,"
explains an aging history prof,
as he points to the computer-
generated map projected across
his grey hair and wrinkled face.
in his british accent,
a poli sci prof carefully states,
"well i hesitate to
call it a genocide,"
as he shrugs his shoulders
and slowly exposes his palms.
"thanks for coming everyone.
you can help yourselves
to cookies in the back."

11 Feb 07

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Which school, I'd love to know.

Yes Darfur is complicated....
I like the social obseastions you made.
 — meghanmidget

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