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I love to see you below me

We run into my closet
And hide behind the clothes hamper.
I cover Teddy’s ears so he won’t hear your threats.
Inside of me, I don’t know what to feel,
My emotions are running.
Alone, scared, and despairing.
I close my eyes to think of a better time.
Family dinners with everyone around the table
We’re all filled with smiles.
What happened since then? Did I do something wrong?
I’m sorry that I didn’t clean my room that one time
I promise that I’ll try to remember.
I hear her struggled to unlock the chest.
The chest that holds the gun.
Her screams have a stamp in my mind.
My thoughts are interrupted by the vibration of the wall.
My curiosity tempts me.
I try to stay put because you told me to hide when he gets like this.
I’m running out of excuses to tell Teddy.
I tell him we’re hiding because we’re playing hide n seek.
He believes me.
I hear a thump outside the door
Intensity doubles and I battle to stay put.
In a panic, I tell Teddy to count to a thousand,
And I rush to open the door.
The gun is lying two feet in front of me,
My mother on the ground
And I see your eyes meet mine.
Taking the gun, I point it right at you.

11 Feb 07

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I hope you shot the bastard.  Good story.  You had me at 'closet'.
 — unknown

I like this.
I want to be a social worker...it spoke to me.
 — meghanmidget