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when my dad sold the vw rabbit to three asians

he came home the next day
with a case of crown royal
and five silver bars.
they were the size
of a good shit
but heavy beyond reason.
i used them to build a fort
for my g.i. joes
but eventually he put them
on top of his dresser.
they collected dust
for the next twelve years,
until i was coming off amphetamines
but didn't want to be.
i took the greyhound
home from college
in the middle of the day,
climbed up there
and palmed one.
i had no idea
what it was worth.
when the coin dealer in solon
counted out twenty-five
twenty dollar bills
i went cotton mouth
and my pupils dilated.
it was gone in three days
of crank
and tainted vagina.
i think
i’ve apologized for it
more than once
over the phone
during times of severe impairment,
but i can't remember,
and we never talk.

11 Feb 07

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