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Valenti no

Be my Valentine
and I will love you
for all time
And evermore the sun
will shine
if you will be
my Valentine
But if perchance
your lips are fired
already by another
Then I will take
my broken heart
for mending, back
to mother.

11 Feb 07

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for some reason this reminded me of the peom in 2 weeks notice. " a rolling stone gathers no moss, so you are leaving with your antacids and floss, but we perhaps are at a loss, because you are the worlds best boss".

again, i have no idea how they correlate, perhaps it was the rhyming.
 — sun_flower

I guess I should start writing for films. Ta , sf. :)
 — unknown

for some reason this reminded me of a poorly written poem about love.
 — Notecompsure

thanks for commenting, NoteC.
 — unknown