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Death of my mother; Aftermath

My life, rose tinted until now, has reached its intermission
A pillar of my happiness has left without permission
I owe her all, my worth, my being, my absolute existence
Utopian script would have her reign in perpetual persistence
The baby teeth and frame are shed as the human being matures
But the little child within remains, the dependency endures
All is changed, irreparably, a painful reconstruct
to rebuild life from which a vanguard of my person has been plucked
To survival of the species raison d’être is restricted
No higher meaning likely when such pain can be inflicted
I beg you history repent, your deadly deed amend
Grant a stay of execution, delay her ineluctable end
Life patently survives death but my wounded soul cannot embrace
The blemished normality that will return but with her presence erased
Poignant solace from remembering belatedly I crave
Sweet recollections and shrouded grief companions to my grave

11 Feb 07

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I'm sorry for your loss.
This is a wonderful tribute to your mother.
 — unknown

very touching, however,
did you intend to punctuate only half the poem?
simple tweaking aside, this is lovely writing.
 — jenakajoffer