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Frozen Lake

The freezing air penetrates my jacket
As I stare out across the whitened void
The wind cutting through me
Unchecked in its ferocity
The icy void in front of me
Stretches to the horizon
Dividing the sky from the earth
Glimmering brightly in the frigid winter sun
The fish beneath sluggishly moving
Nearly hibernating beneath their ceiling prison
Hoping the inevitable warming comes soon
Breaking the monotony of their days
The coyote tracks on the surface
Pressed semi-permanently into the canvas
My own footprints following theirs
Until the trail runs as cold as the surface
The brilliance of the snow upon the surface
Is too much to look into
With the small winter sun
Pressing hard to warm the frozen waters
Into the night it groans
It's a comfort to me
Showing me that there is still life beneath
Despite the dead appearance of the environment

11 Feb 07

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