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Poem 6

Critics comments welcome. Sure, I'm not poetic. I believe you. It's not like the schools teach good poetry here. I can tell this one won't make hardly any sense, but it's not like I have an inept view of poetry. I just figure, your opinion doesn't justify who I am, and I better express myself through instrumental music. Poetry is not my strong art; it's not a form of art I can embrace fully. Internet critisism, laugh out loud. By the way, this is before I started writing even more free verse, which is presently.

How are you
on this day
what's your favorite
game to play, hey,
who are you
what are our differences
besides boy and girl
living in this world
we are two lone souls
living astray
each and every day
to ourselves we sing
that's just our way
where might you
live or dwell
so that i can come
we can sing a song
in the rain or the sun
yet my search
has begun
can i talk to you
we can trade words
and watch the birds
or later fly
and sing
about the things
that we've dreamed about
what are we about
do we like or do we love
it seems I've sung alone
no one on the phone
no dogs on the run
what are we about?
what am I about?

10 Feb 07

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