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No matter where you are

As you hold onto the back of my bike,
You push me around the neighborhood;
I felt the wind in my face.
- "Daddy, not to fast.."
-"It's ok baby, I'll never let you go."
You protected me from falling,
You saved me from scraped knees and those barbie bandaids.
You've always been there to hold me in your arms
when times were tough.
Now, as I sit here, reminiscing on our past memories,
I look into your piercing blue eyes.
I feel so helpless, as you lay there in this hospial bed.
I'm so close to you...yet there's nothing I can do.
This life took you much too fast...and I'm sorry I couldn't protect you.
Daddy, I'm sorry I couldn't slow it down.
I couldn't take your pain away, and pick you up from your falls.
I couldn't put those silly bandaids on your scraped knees...
and tell you it would be ok.
- "Kati, you've kept me going..you've held onto me."
-"I love you Dad..."
A sudden gust of wind brushes across your delicate face.
You turn your head away.
"Daddy...I'll never let go"
No matter where you are.

10 Feb 07

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