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There are certain disgusting habits in Life.
The mild ones usually remain constant,
While the more sinister ones......usually take root and grow.
That anchored filament will burrow deep.
It will wrap into & around...the psyche and the soul.

9 Feb 07

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I have to say that this is rather cheesy...it's got no examples and therefore lacks severely in imagery, description, or even any backing ideas whatsoever. I'm sure the concept, however, could be cultivated into something more.
 — FangzOfFire

You have a starting point here.

Larry expansive Lark
 — unknown

like larry said. starting point. you could clothe the idea a little more, paint more of it.

here is an edit, if you like;

leave out the first line.
start with...

mild ones remain
sinister ones
take root,

anchored filament
burrows deep;

into, around
psyche and soul.
 — varun

Considering I wrote it in 2 minutes during my coat-check shift, I'll do my best to take your suggestions seriously.  If it lacks in imagery, (Fangz of Fire) perhaps you might think to yourself what constitutes mild disgusting habit, as compared to one which is more "sinister".
 — HankA