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For MelissaK

this is not a poem
she argued
its just a dozen words
                 I thought
a picture
would have been
worth more

8 Feb 07

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whether a poem or not matters less.

when it sucks.
 — bologna

since you do not post poems (at least under your name) your opinion is of no practical value to anyone.  

you are a poem stalker
 — unknown

whatever whets your vagina.
 — bologna

like what you say.

don't like what someone else here said.
 — photobooth

A real cocksucker wrote this. A coward who hides behind a computer. Delete this shit motherfucker. Your kind is not welcomed. Go to hell, you piece of shit.
 — unknown

Why is it lately when someone doesn't like a comment someone else made they write a rude poem toward that person. You people, need to grow up.
 — unknown

Delete this. This is stupid. You are stupid.
 — unknown

This is stupid, esoteric. Everybody knows it is you who wrote this. Delete it.
 — unknown

Esoteric, you are a coward. You are an awful creature. Delete this garbage you wrote.
 — unknown

I am confidant that that last five comments were all posted by the same person.  Your vitriol bleeds through every comment.  You are incorrect in your assumption that esoteric wrote this.  I am someone who appreciates well-written Japanese style poetry.  Nothing about this poem is rude.

Your comments, on the other hand are rude.

This poem is a lament that MelissaK did not understand a previously posted poem.

It is a take on the old chinese saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.
Melissa did not understand the sparse poem previously posted.
 — unknown

Additionally, Melissa did not offer any suggestions as to what she thought could be improved or even an alternative version of the poem/s.  I al least tried to start a dialog without being rude or calling names.
 — unknown

concordantly. no one gives a shit.
 — bologna

It's nothing to really make a big deal about. The same thing has been stated a thousand different ways.
 — FangzOfFire

Whoeve3r the cocksucker that wrote this is needs his ass beat. Fuck off motherfucker.
 — unknown

Delete this shit. I will fuck all you pc pnsies up if this doewsn't get deleted. Donald Tetto de3serves to die and all his followers do to.
 — unknown

I don't let you pc people get away with ridiculing innocent people. Tetto knows that. I've made many of the comments, but not all of them. My comments are not rude, Unknown; they are necessary. You PC people need to grow up. MelissaK didn't do anything. She has made some nice comments toward nice poems, and she stated her opinion, unrudely, toward stupid poems that were nothing more than a waste of space. She did not do anything that constitutes having this garbage written toward her. I'll  destroy this site if you people continue to behave this way. Delete this poem today.
 — unknown

Whoever wrote this should be locked up.
 — unknown

Delete this, Asshole.
 — unknown

Wierd, because now its a really nice poem.
 — Cloudless

Did mikebauer write this? It's his kind of work. Mikebauer is an asshole.
 — unknown

Bologna is ok, and will be left alone by me. The rest of you PC panzies will be sorry.
 — unknown

will someone please tell me what is so rude about this poem?

i dont get it - the people or person who is/are upset seem to be way off the scale.

seems to me that just a melissak has the right to express her opinion - this person also has the right to express theirs.

I have not read where melissak or this person or esoteric has been rude - all you others though are peeing your pants -

I just don't get it.

can you be more specific?
 — unknown

And another thing...

Unknown-who-threatens-the-site, you are in serious need of psychological help.  
I seriously doubt that you could destroy the site but even if you did - so what - Jesus, it's a free poetry site for God's sake.  10 years, hell, 2 years, from now it will be dead of its own accord.  We will all have moved on the something more shiny and new.

Why aren't you out there protesting the war  - put that anger to good use!  If you do I'll join you.  But, bless your heart, this place is not worth getting so angry over.  
 — unknown

It just dawned on me - Unknown-who-threatens-the-site IS melissaK!

I was so blind.  She has been strangely absent after making her comment (which was not rude I agree) But you have popped up defending her so violently!

Melissa, Melissa, Melissa get a grip.  it was just a dozen words.
 — unknown

well. i don't know who melissak is. and i don't know who wrote this. but i do know i like it.
 — inutile

[Comment removed by moderator.]

[Comment removed by moderator.]

[Comment removed by moderator.]

Whoever wrote this needs to grow up.
 — pelican

You're a coward who is afraid to post his name.
 — pelican

how old are you pelican?
 — unknown

pretty silly.
 — icepineapple

I am older than most of PC's users, Unknown.
 — pelican

lol that means you are older than 14 doesn't tell us much
 — unknown

Add thirty years to that, Asshole.
 — pelican

This is not a poem. It is just some words by an unknown. I may be an unknown, but I don't post poems.
 — unknown

Pelican is soooo manly.  What a He-Man.  So powerful, and threatening, and bold and strong. 44, IQ of 120, and the ability to tear off heads, beat people senseless, and kill them.

Hands off!  He's mine!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

What a bell-end you are, Pelican.
 — unknown

It's YOUR head I will tear off and it is YOU who I will beat senseless, you unknown bastard.
 — pelican

Jesus, Pelican - most of your threatening remarks get deleted and no one believes a thing you say.  You are a blowhard with no power.

you catch more flys with honey man - calm down and get in the swing
 — unknown

Pelican is cool, man. Leave him be.
 — unknown

Not sure of the target here, i assume its title is to attract readers and comments.
without the more active comment- makers this site would be pointless.  So more power to them.  We are none of us so foolish as to compromise our own poetic sensibilities; after the comments expose a very limitted aquaintance with the full range of current poetice practise; to personalise this cheapens from the truth of those who are so definitive in their opinions, but  the ploy certainly gained you a solid response.  Maybe you should write something about that for example
She said
made my work
 — unknown

yeah what ever that gobbledegook meant.

Melissak knows what I meant
if she is a real person.
 — unknown

The person who wrote this is a seven year old girl.
 — unknown

Delete this. It is STUPID.
 — unknown

nanny nanny boo boo
 — unknown