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this is a title this is not a title

this is not a poem
i don't much like
but i like being idle
there is no relation
just like you and me
we make meaning
thrust forward we must
copulate create spread fire
integrate everything else
into our little worlds[read verse]
this is a poem
.                                               .

8 Feb 07

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i'd swap copulate and create around and drop line 4. otherwise, i like your un-poem.
 — bettalpha

bold face distracts me
 — chuckles

non bold face unpoem
was hiding
nifty thing?
 — chuckles

slaves to symbolism.

try reading ctrl al del
 — unknown

try reading ctrl alt del.

slaves to 20/20
 — unknown

line 13 was my favorite
 — unknown

there is a message in the bold print.

a post modern tease

this is the way the world ends not with a bang but with drool

 — unknown

good call on line 4 betty. and the swap. thanks.

we all read ctrl alt del.

yes chuck.

this poem isn't about modernism/post modernism. hindsight is good for health. unless it doesn't teach.
 — varun

very cool poem I like man keep how you made it
 — vida

stop defining things in the negative unless of course that is an explicit agenda. go ahead why dont u explain what this poem is about. instead of exaggerating mysticism by omission.
 — unknown

me thinks the man does not understand the tenets of postmodernism?
 — unknown

this is about the control of language. negative and positive etc finding the crux of things somewhere between words although ultimately tainted by them.

assuming there can ever be a pristine experience in the first place

 — unknown

the less i look
the more i begin
to see...

this is not a poem we make,
there is no relation.
this is a poem.
 — chuckles

this is a poem this is not a poem
this is your brain on drugs this is drugs for your brain
yes means no no means yes
polygraphs are v important
 — unknown

nice one chuck.

this isn't dialectical. or binary. there is something else.

stent, no pristine experience? or no real experience? i like your simple definition.
 — varun

ahh clever.  i like the satre/camus idea of creating meaning.
 — sarahjoie

Creative waty of writing (a poem?)

Larry ? Lark
 — larrylark

 — varun

i hate it when i am asked to explain a poem. it's silly. it's like saying 'i am waiting to gnaw on a bone you throw me so i can annoy you by not understanding a single thing you say and then argue with you about it.'
if you got something to say about a poem, say it. if you don't get it, then go pitch a tent in a library.
 — varun

i like it!
 — Maximilian

i disagree with you. there's too much mysticism caught up with the process. you would do well to understand why universities bother to TEACH e.g. english literature .

get over your self significance really. i ask because authors dont necessarily own their words etc we have many voices some of which we have no familiarity with given the intersection of a muddy self with an even larger muddier society.
 — unknown

whatever you say unknown.
 — unknown

another juvenile omission.
 — unknown

of course, unknown.
what else can you expect from me?
 — unknown

that you will keep on reiterating non committal responses perhaps? it s ok to retract your statements. unless words themselves have trapped you?
 — unknown

why don't you be constructive and say something about the poem?
 — varun

what a cop out. you decide to go there and discuss anything but the poem and then take it all back when it blows up in your face by requesting constructive commentaries.  

constructiveness can be viewed as a code word to avoid ice cold criticism.

i have nothing personal against you since obvously i dont know you. but i am rather annoyed by the high mindedess of most of the literary priests here.
 — unknown

here, here!
 — unknown

Your saying his request for actual constructive criticism is a cop out, is also a cop out.  

Hiding behind the name unknown is also a cop out.

I am a cop out.
And I don't like cops
 — idontknow

what u have to talk for him now? pathetic
 — unknown


Just a quick suggestion for the title (make the words in caps bold):

THIS is a title - IS not a title

 — hobby

good call.
 — varun

ha, I forgot the titles are always bold.

I don't know if you noted the omission of the second, 'this'. It gives the titles two reads: 1) is a title not a title ..... and then the answer 2) THIS IS

Oh and on L5 I was going to suggest replacing 'me' for 'I", however, when I read it over a few times I actually quite like the interplay you get with L6: "you and me - we....". There is an opportunity to thin down the "we's" a little though, on L7 you could have "forward thrusting we must"

 — hobby

thanks again hobby.
the title reads twice already. plus another.

this is a title.
this is not a title.
a title this is not.

check the italics.
i used the 'thrusting' suggestion.

thanks again.
 — varun

no, i'm confused myself;

this is a title.
a title this is not.
this is a title, this is not a title.

yep. that's it.
 — varun

A plus for creativity ++, the poem itself... I'm not sure if i'm suppose to like it
 — sShelled

thank you.
only you can decide.
 — varun