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Winter Girl

Beauty is what is hidden,
Which is why I love civilization.
It's got us wearing clothes,
Disguising what we mean with words, and
Lying to ourselves about our lives.
Creating castles to be taken by the tide.
And although my inner visions
Are probably different than yours,
I'd love for you to be my winter girl.
And bundle up in coats,
Hats and scarves,
Mittens, sweaters,
Wool socks, and boots,
Maybe some snowpants over that,
Until Only your eyes can be seen.
So that your windows are forced open.
And I can see you
Winter Girl.

7 Feb 07

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This is quite beautiful. Originality is always a plus for me. I assume that's a typo in line 5, when you say "are" lives. Love line 6, but the whloe poem is quality. Well chosen final 2 lines, make foe a well rounded poem.
 — icepineapple

Yes, quite lovely. A 10 from me, though i would prefer less puctuation is does seem in keeping with yr meaning.
 — unknown

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