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Ode to a Lump of Green Putty I Found Under My Armpit One Midsummer Morning

I love that book =)

We used to be men,
running the world behind a desk,
keeping the country safe
protecting families,
before we were men,
We were boys,
waltzing through the narrow
streets, simple choir boys
standing outside the church;
players of tag
eaters of pie.
And before we were boys,
we were gods,
shining brightly in
the blackest sky.
And before that,
before our brilliant
omnipotence -
we were the dirtiest filth
crowding both
the back of their minds and
the torn kingdoms of the
shouting at the stars
cursing at the sky
wanting what they had.
And as our mortality
wore thin we struggled
for life thrusting swords
firing cannons
shooting guns
dropping bombs.
After all of the
there wasn't that much left
for us in the filth.

7 Feb 07

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38 is an unneccessary cliche, the last stanza reads better without this line. but it's a nice poem. well done.
 — unknown

and spell check
 — unknown

 — mister9a

ShelbyS is a bitch. Pass it on.
 — unknown

 — dreamingg

I love this poem. I just love it. it's so sincere and just completely true.
the "players of tag/ eaters of pie" made me smile.

strong, sweet words and a solid conclusion, which makes the reader think; great work!
 — sparrow

I was wondering what book you're referring to though (?).
 — sparrow

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It's hilarious. and inspiring, though not for this poem.
 — mister9a

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