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I believe

I believe in love at first sight and I
remember the day I first saw you. I believe
you told me I’m beautiful and I smiled because
I believed in you. Now I believe in young love and
in trips to the park to lay on the grass and
find shapes within the clouds while
listening to Hummingbirds sing about spring.
I believe in stopping to smell the flowers
and in kisses that make me shiver all
the way down to my toes. I believe actions
speak louder than words. I believe in
phone calls just to say hello and I believe
in meeting you at your car to drive around
Norfolk until 3 a.m. I believe in summer
road trips, pictures of friends, and daring
to be different. I believe in the words “I love you”
and that makes me believe in fear. I believe
in rewards for old-fashioned hard work;
I believe in optimism and in saying “I can”
even when I can’t. I believe in staring
into your eyes so long I memorize the
gold flecks surrounding the pool of brown.
I believe in spending cool fall nightst
finding constellations in the stars; I believe
in holding hands, but I believe PDA
makes everyone watching feel lonely;
I believe in being lonely to know the meaning
of being loved. I believe in taking time to
kiss every inch of my lover’s body; I believe
in the kind of hugs that cure a cold winter day
better than chicken noodle soup. I believe
in the passion I feel when I sing my secrets
to the cold steering wheel; I believe anything’s
possible and at one time, I believed in promises
and the word “forever.” I don’t believe in the
word “goodbye” and when you said it, I realized
I’ve always believed I deserve more from you.

7 Feb 07

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So pretty! I would suggest altering "PDA" to something else, it really sticks out. Cheers!
 — BelaFloro

i believe every line in this poem is a bad cliche.

reads like an overly motivational hallmark card.
 — rosemary

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