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wind unravels
skeins of wing weary geese
sky stains the water

7 Feb 07

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i like your poem ... skein, nice.
 — bettalpha

And again! Thank you very much!
 — unknown

This is not a poem. It is just eleven words.
 — MelissaK

Melissa - it is in the style of Japanese Haiku - Hokku

evocative of a season and moment in time.

I am sorry you did not enjoy the moment as much as I did.
 — unknown

This is a fine poem.  I enjoyed.  
 — bellavida

Haiku is not real poetry.
 — pelican

Well, pelican said it - it must be so.
your arguments are so convincing
you've left me with no legs to stand on!
 — unknown

You know where you can go.
 — pelican

Well! That shut me up!
I don't think there can be any comeback for that one!
 — unknown

You are a coward motherfucker who is afraid to show your name. You probably know that if I had your name I would find youi.
 — pelican

My name is Eujanie Arthur Jones-McMahon
 — unknown

I don't believe you, Asshole.
 — pelican

Naturally not.

It would ruin your little trip.
 — unknown

Prove it, Asshole.
 — pelican

You prove it yourself every time you type something.
Your responses are getting more lame with each post.
 — unknown

nice poem.
 — varun

mind you, line 3 took my life.
 — varun

If this rhymed you'd be on to something. 1/10
 — Henry

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