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I watch the waves that lap the shore
and wonder what they’ve seen.
Sometimes they sound a mighty roar
or whisper when serene.
If waves could tell us of the lands
whose coasts they’ve viewed from sea,
or of the lovely beaches' sands
they’ve washed so carefully,
‘tis then we’d grasp the secrets known
to waters of the deep
and mysteries of Neptune’s throne
that lie in ocean’s keep.
I hear the waves that lap the shore
in ripples foaming white.
These waters bid me to explore
all that may lie in sight.
When moonlight sends its fairest beams
to grace the calmest sea,
the glisten on the surface seems
to dance in jubilee.
As constellations fill the sky
and dark of night, the land;
my mind can only testify
to wondrous feelings grand.
I touch the waves that lap the beach
in shades of green and blue
and love the way they always reach
much farther than my view.

7 Feb 07

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