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Traveling Song in D Minor

If you can just hum it in a slow and minor key, you'll get the sense of it better.  

I watch the dawn light up another day;
by this evening, I’ll be far away –
if my plane touched down
without its wings,
pray for me.
I see the smog rising over LA;
just another work-your-ass-off day
then home on a crowded freeway –
if you chased your hope over concrete curves,
I’ll pray for you.
A touch of hands, stranger glances,
no one knows me in this line.
Security checks for metal and magic
but they don’t look where the danger lies
inside my mind.
I watch the ground getting closer in Portland:
same sun, same strangers, same sky –
I slow down, catch a smile from a baby –
I’ll pray for us.

7 Feb 07

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Oh Isabelle, you have outdone yourself! Not only a lovely, lyrical title, but a song of a poem a well. And I can't even sing :-)
 — JustineCH

I can feel the pull of the road in this poem, and I love it.
 — unknown

This arrived in my head this morning as I arrived at the parking lot at my job.  Guess what I did first, work or this???  

I'm happy that you like it!  
 — Isabelle5

This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Rod McKuen!!!  It also reminds me of an Aretha Franklin song entitled, "Take A Look."  It's so "current" and that's the "minor" thing about it.  I LOVE IT!!!  I'll look for your email when you get home.  A perfect "10," my West Coast buddy.  
 — starr

Well Isabelle, this certainly appeals to my musical leanings. I picked a slow minor irish air at first to hum, but that didn't fit. Probably because it was in Am and you said dm.
L13 has too much harsness and too many hard consonants, other wise the rest sound fine. I especially liked the sound of L9 in a minor key.
 — mitchl

You must be talkin' about Portland, OR.  My heart lept for a second and then I realized it wasn't Portland, ME!  
 — starr

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