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The Christ myth, so Spengler points out
was the common one of the day;
in the tradition of Roman and Greek Gods
claimed as ancestors by citizenry wealthy enough
to employ family 'historians'.
The deity descends to mate in the mud
of low mortality:  a bull,
a swan condescends to rape woman
in her burden of blood.
The patriarchs in their hubris would dispense
with Sophia,  Yahwehs fit partner-  wisdom:
we women, the Other denied.  We are
Mary, Eve, the Magdalene,
the other even to ourselves
pretending we don’t notice
stains left by clay feet
as they drag across our carpet.

6 Feb 07

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I like it, especially the last line. Some more punctuation wouldn't hurt, though.
 — Virgil

Hope added punctuation helps, Virgi. Thanks for reading.
 — unknown

It's very difficult to remove my belief from the poem.  My Christ has no clay feet, sorry about yours.

I think the last verse is hard to understand as written.  The other even to ourselves - what does that mean, exactly?

It's interesting to me that the women you name are very special in the Bible and were well considered.  
 — Isabelle5

Thanks for reading Isabelle. The clay feet are of the men, who would masculinise the Godhead and assume superiority over the female.
Sophia (wisdom) consort to Yahweh power// Lilleth etc are left out of the much ammended old texts.  Mary the virgin graced with the raping deity (in the tradition
as Spengler points out in The Decline of the West. Eve  who takes not only the blame for Adams eviction from paradis but also bears the brunt of mortality and therefore subject to resentment  immature males (not in the majority thankyou God). The magdalene who though boon companion to Christ has been (according to modern scholarship at least) it is incorrect to name a whore.

The patriachal rendition is very comfortable to male complacency and a challenge to many women (and men) of the faith.  It certainly is inconsistent with the teachings of my Jesus.
 — unknown

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