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Christian Misogyny

Whose water burst—cast mires and dirt
It was Woman who was the primeval flirt
Entrapped God's Adam in the glooms
Of toils and strifes—the female dooms

6 Feb 07

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misogyny n. Hatred of women: “Every organized patriarchal religion works overtime to contribute its own brand of misogyny” (Robin Morgan)
 — netskyIam

nice takeoff poor landing
 — unknown

no conscience in a swollen prick
whose cum must run no matter what
by force of arm, or any trick
to have its way or lose the plot
 — unknown

nasa we have a problem.
 — unknown

unky, it is a harpoonery.
I've just put em dashes in place of the former L1 comma and the L4 semicolon.
Thanks all for these first inputs; how now?
 — netskyIam

I don't consider it harpoonery, i take it as a valid but one sided male perspective, my silly verse was an attempt to show a valid, but one sided female perspective.
 — unknown

Your verse is fine; I got the point.
I had hoped sufficient,
was to highlight the repressivness of that male-made religion.
That is, it has cast women down for its two thousand years;
unimaginable crimes committed against women, "because god ordained" men only.
It's their club.  Take "club" in both senses.  
The verse also attempts a bit of poetic ambiguity, esp. in L4.  I dunno if that's effective for readers or not.
Thanks again,
 — netskyIam

Yes L4 is the best part.
The legend of the fall is part of at least three major faiths, so the title needs adjusting?
Why not flesh this out and make a more compelling statement.
 — unknown

I could apply it, yes, just as well against Jews and Muslims, you're right.
But I wish to focus on the moral majority--so not to dilute the hemlock.

It's easy for me to be compact and shoot straight in small verse.
If I were to expand the thing it would risk it becoming a tiresome rant,
losing its intended sting.   The item is only a couple of hours old now.
I'm sure it will alter a bit more in time. Thank you so much. You make me think.
 — netskyIam

To flirt
Yes indeed
but that goes
with procreation

But man then blames
which serves no
worthwhile purpose

Their inherited doom
makes woman fume

And man still blames

... couldn't resist guys, luv ya!
 — bellavida

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