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One Cannot Resist

One Cannot Resist
To ponder, to wonder, to inquire, to insist.  
One cannot resist, when something does not yet exist.  
It can be difficult and hard to guess, but can be done without stress.  
Done with a twist.  
One cannot and will not resist.  
Confirm this urge...No more hanging on.  
Fall forth...Do not submerge.
Knowledge develops within.  
Its parameters hold forth,  
A crusade and consecration,  
A joy that justifies the existance of Earth.  
A profession of building at heart.
Nothing can be reasonable,
Nothing can be beautiful,  
Unless the central idea exists.
The strength of one central idea,  
One cannot resist.  
In the end - The picture will ascend.  
A perfect image.  
Fragile Picture.  
Skyline Structure soaring through  
And eventually producing a clue.

My inspiration comes from Ayn Rand and her literary work The Fountainhead.

6 Feb 07

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 — unknown

I can see where you are coming from with the architecture & this is a great poem to use for architecture work when and if you get your own firm maybe website. Good Luck.
 — unknown

"you never known" how bad something is until somebody else points out its flaws
 — unknown

In your comment "You never know what" and "imagination is bound" and "profession at heart for me" not sure what this means, maybe "profession of my heart" or "architecture is at the heart of my being".

You have several errors just in you footnote, how many do you think might be within your poem? Footnotes should not be necessary, if you have to explain your poem then it is flawed. Just my opnion.

I would resist using resist too much. Architecture is a noble profession, I wish you well at your endeavors and may your poetry show the heights of you passion.
 — unknown

Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind for my other poetry that I may post on PC.
For now, I’m still getting used to everything here, so please give me some time.
 — pl_rose03

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