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Sand and Sweat in California

We lie on the beach on top of fleece blankets,
sheltered from the summer sun by the pier above.
You put your hat across your eyes,
pretending sleep but I know
that you hear every swish of bikini
and female hip bones grinding
as they pass us on their way to the water.
You pretend not to notice other women
but you sometimes get a rise
in those low riders you wear.
“I was dreaming of you,” you blatantly lie.
I pretend to be bothered by your looking,
partly to make you feel like the dog you are
but mostly to cover my own sins of the flesh
as I watch young half-naked men play volleyball
in the sun, while I lie under the pier
and mentally undress them the rest of the way,
grateful for the coolness of the shade.

6 Feb 07

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